When the Window of Opportunity opens, let in a fresh breeze!

As a hybrid investor, we are actively involved in identifying the right approach with digital potential for companies and implementing measures effectively.

Disruption marks departure.
Departure in new directions.

With Owlton, you have an investor on your side that takes you out of the innovation backlog and gets you ahead of the competition.

On the quest for the digital lever.

Our investment strategy’s goal is increasing companies’ flexibility and adaptability by implementing tailor-made strategies for the digitization of corporate processes.

Strong as Private Equity.
Agile like Venture Capital.

Owlton adds value to its partners and portfolio companies – capital is just a part of it: Thanks to our reliable expertise and a powerful network, we combine methods from PE and VC into a hybrid solution approach.

More about Owlton

If you do not want to shut down the day after tomorrow, we as buyers are the key to your future.

We safeguard the future of our portfolio companies by strengthening their profitability in the long term instead of capitalizing on fixed assets in the short term. In situations in which other investors liquidate companies and process residual assets, we find smart solutions for a transformation to address future challenges.